Skin Tag/Blemish Removal

Skin Tag/Blemish Removal
Skin tags are common, acquired, benign skin growths that look like a small piece of soft, hanging skin. They can be super small or very obtrusive, but either way, they are completely harmless! They might even come off on their own from rubbing against clothing. However if you have skin tags that are bothersome to you, Forever Young Skin Care can quickly and painlessly remove them.
When we use the term “blemishes,” we are usually referring to skin discolorations, including liver spots, purpura, and seborrheic keratosis. Each of these has different treatment options and different causes, but all are harmless and easily taken care of. We will always refer you to a dermatologist if your skin condition is something that should be addressed medically.

At Forever Young, we use a process that is called thermocoagulation to relieve you from skin tags and blemishes. The process for removing skin tags is fairly simple. A combination of high frequency and DC currents is applied close to the bottom of the tag. The resulting heat (that is strictly local and cannot be felt) constricts the microscopic blood vessels that supply the tag, and after a few hours or a day, the tag falls off. The procedure is approved for aestheticians and allows the treatment of dozens of tags in a single session without irritation.

For the procedure, we use the Vascutouch™ system, an approved system designed and assembled in Canada. The treatment is painless and quick! 

The same process of thermocoagulation can be used to remove small blemishes that are caused by broken capillaries. We have obtained very good results with many of our clients. Other forms of discolorations are better treated via bleaching agents, peels, or a visit to the dermatologist.
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