Other Services

Other Services
Waxing is not a service – it’s an art! At Forever Young Skin Care, we have perfected the art of waxing using only the highest-grade body waxes tailored to the specific needs of the different body areas. Looking for a painless Brazilian wax or accompanying your teenager for her first wax? Come to Forever Young and experience a truly professional treatment based on years of experience.
Permanent Makeup
For our permanent makeup service and prices, please ask for a free consultation. The most common requests are for eyebrows and eyeliner. Keep in mind; our procedures are different than tattoos.
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint
Wouldn’t it be great to leave the mascara behind and have dark lashes all the time? Forever Young is skilled in administering eyebrow and eyelash tint to your specifications. Schedule a consultation to learn more.
Cellulite Reduction
It’s something pretty much every woman struggles with. Contact us today to learn about our innovative solutions!
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