European/Custom Facials


Eye Contour Treatment

New treatment that minimizes dark circles, reduces puffines and deminishes skin lines around the eyes.


Refreshing Facial

This facial targets stress and fatigue We deeply cleanse yourpores under the steam and give you a soothing massage thatrelaxes body and mind and firms the facial area and the decollete. A cool seaweed mask applied afterwards awakens your sensesand gives you that instant fresh feeling while restoring the
moisture balance of your skin.


Teen Facial

A mini facial tailored towards the teenage skin that suffers from impurities, light purberty acne and an unbalanced oil production. Includes deep cleansing, extraction of white heads / black heads and an antibacterial masque.


Deluxe European Facial

This signature facial contains all the elements to cleanse, nourish, purify and restore the skin to a healthy, youthful and radiant complex on. The treatment Includes deep pore steam cleansIng, exfoliaton and extraction, serum application, an acupressure massage and a two-layer multficlamin mask. A truly wonderful facial and a pampenng expecence for every skin type.


Algae Matrix Facial

This treatment is excellent for regenerafing and soothing rough, stressed, and dectallzed skin. Beneficol for all slun types, the specialty masque used during tics session c 100% freeze dried algae, which helps alleviate skIn irritations and tact skin conditions.


Thermo-Effect Facial

This treatment is like no other, a variety of powdered minerals (calcium, magnesium, and Iron) are applied onto the skin gradually Increasing and decreasing In warmth, eventually beconfing extremely firm. Benefits of this facial include deep product penetrat on, exfollation of dead skin, flattenIng of wunkles, and improved lymphatic blockage (bags) under eyes, to name just a few.


Acne Treatment Facial

Acne is not just prejudical to teens. Most men and women have to deal with adult acne as one time or another. A disorder of the
skin's oil glands and hair folicles, the red, inflated bump that are the hallmark of acne breakouts are olten painfully obvious. Our treatment targets the three primary causes of acne and delivers clearer, healthier skin.


Collagen Derrnaculture lderm™ Treatment

The Dermacultue ldemi (tm) lonlophoresis treatment uses galvanic current and ionization to allow water soluble solutions to deeply penetrate the lower layers of the skin, effectively creating a passage lor nourishments, medicated skin care products and highly concentramd serums. Also relerred to as the ‘model’ facial. This anti~aging collagen treatment is the perfect answer to help tighten pores. smooth fine Ines and reline skin as well as improve elasticity.


Medical Microdermabrasion

One of the most advanced and effective alternatives to the chemical peel and face lift. The microderma skin enhancer is a high-tech exfoliation procedure that uses medical grade titanium oxide micro-crystals to remove dead flaky skin cells and stimulates the production of fresh, young skin cells and collagen. It is the ultimate advancedment in non-invasive, non-surgical treatments to reduce the signs of aging skin. This treatment provides immediate results, producing a healthy radiant glow and restering a more youthful appearance.


Ultrasonic LED Photo Pulsation Therapy

Sonic Youth therapy is a professional skin treatment using Ultrasonic Phonophoresis technology, commonly known as ultrasound, in combination with LED light therapy. This treatment delivers high concentrations nutrious products to deep layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation and redness of the skin and improving elasticity and firmness.